Funny Anti-Guido Dresscode

HAHAHA I found this on a clubbing website:

This is what is says:

If It’s On (No Affliction)

The Jersey Shore, (No Ed Hardy)

It’s Not Coming (No Christian Audigier)

Through The Door (No Exceptions)

The website I found it on did not say where they found it from, or what club it was for … bummer! Even being a guido lover I would have to agree with the sign, Ed Hardy was so 5 years ago (not as bad as Von Dutch though).

7 Weeks until Memorial Day Weekend 🙂


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Guido Gaga

I’m going to the Lady Gaga Concert tonight woohoo! Even Gaga loves the Guidos.

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Theory #2: Guido’s vs. Indies’

Here’s another Guido’s vs. Indies’ theory (on nightlife): In New Jersey Guido places to go out have short and sweet names: like Djais (Belmar, NJ), Rise (Lodi, NJ), Bliss (Clifton, NJ), 118 (Newark, NJ), Deko (South Amboy, NJ) & Teak (Hoboken, NJ) while Indie bars have long thought provoking names.

Indie bars in Jersey: like Bar Anticipation (aka Bar A in Belmar, NJ), Shannon Rose (multiple locations), Green Rock (Hoboken, NJ), Van Gogh’s (Union, NJ), Dark Horse (Morristown, NJ), Harvest Moon (New Brunswick, NJ) & The CrossRoads (Garwood, NJ).

So depending on your style use this GUYde Guido’s vs. Indies’ Theory as a thought to what kind of guys might actually be partying at a particular place.  Any suggestions on places for readers?

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Theory #1: Guido’s vs. Indies’ in New Moon

Guido's vs. Indies'

Here’s a funny theory: (although this movie has been out for a while) New Moon is a great representation between the life long Jersey battle of Guido’s vs. Indies’ Guys!

Me being a Guido Lover and a good friend being an Indie lover had a huge debate over this. In the movie New Moon Jacob transforms into a character similarly resembling a Guido whether you want to think so or not. He is tan, buff, always with his shirt off, has dark spiky hair and is frolicking outside – working out… aka a Guido. While on the other side Edward is pale, skinny, tight pants, long haired EMO guy who’s character is all emotional on the inside… aka an Indies Guy.

It makes perfect sense and Bella is torn between a decision many Jersey Girls face when choosing Guys … go for the Guido or the Indie?

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Fabulous 2010

The Fabulous 2010, it has a nice ring to it if I must say.  Well it’s finally the start of a new year, a new decade and with that in mind there are many great things to come. Although I did not start the New Year off exactly the way I would have liked I still had a great time. What I would have loved to do like all the rich, awesome NY / NJ people do, was to party at Fontainebleau in Miami to see the Lady Gaga performance.

Now with NYE down there are some great events and parties coming up that I will keep you posted on (coming soon) … which bring me to the next order of business.  This would be starting to look for a Jersey Shore house.

In New Jersey the winter time is when Guido Guys will typically go into “hibernation” periods.  They will occasionally get a girlfriend to keep them occupied, eat like holiday animals calling it their “bulkfests” all in preparation for the golden summer. Although there are some good places to go out in New Jersey during the wintertime the summer is the crem-de-la-crem to any Jersey Guido.

Now I am sure everyone has seen or heard of the MTV reality show called Jersey Shore.  Being from Jersey having had a shore house (last summer) I can pick the truth from the MTV crap in a second. As sad as it is to admit there is a lot of truth in the show. For example people (Guido guys) really do look, dance and act like that at the Jersey Shore.  The information MTV left out is that the show is filmed in Seaside which in my mind is the “ghetto” or “sleez-side” as any real Jersey person would know.

With situations like this (no pun intended) of the false representation of New Jersey I have started this blog to tell the truth, secret and many great stories of how this tiny state really is.  Think of this as a Guide to NJ, mainly emphasizing on Guys (hence the name “The GUYde”), the Jersey Shore, nightlife, Guido-ness, and more …

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